Silicone cap Sippie Yellow

We love we might be tiny!
The We Might Be Tiny Sippie cap is hygienic and easy to clean. Stocking on the brush on the grip glasses (or on any other cup or glass with a diameter of 69-75 mm) and is with a perfect anti-pit hold. You can say goodbye to the drinks that turn upside down!
Two comfortable tabs make it easy and quick to mount and remove the resistant sippie cap. The tiny hole for the air manages the flow and avoids the sub -emptiness.
Do you have a weakness for straws? We knew it! Each LID SIPPIE is supplied with a small tailor -made silicone straw that fits into the spout.
Decorated in relief with the characteristic drawings of the brand.
Material: 100% food degree silicone
Sure for contact with food
He endures temperatures between -40 ° and +230 °