Love Mae - Mini Wall Sticker Rendard Endermi


They make a Great Gift Idea Both for Adults and Kids!
Love Mae Stickers Are Made Out of Fabric and Contain a Water Based Adhesive: Their Free From Chemicals, Resistant, Non-Taxic and Completely Safe!
Re-USable: Attach and Remove Them Over and Over, they are Harmless and Leave No Trace!
All love Mae Products Are of Very High Quality, Sustainable and Safe for the Environment!
These Decals Will Never Arm Your Walls or Any Other Surface:
Being Made Out of Fabric and with Water Based Adhesive, they are re-USable and can be Moved Many Times. Just Place Them Back On Their Sheet or On A Glossy Backing Paper and Re-Use Them Later. They do not leave Marks.
Please, Note That The Stickers Will Peel Off Bubbling or Peeling Paint. If putting them on the wall and unsure, Try putting up a sample for a coupe of week before applying the full scene.
Do Not Use Chemicals OR Cleaning Products On Your Decals, They would damage the stickers.
How to use:
Clean Your Surface Before Applying The Stickers. Then, it is just a peel-and-stick case. You Might Want To Have A Couple of Scissors With Your For The Stubbern Threads.
Mini Fabric Stickers
Dimension: 1 Sheet of 16 x 23 cm
Repositions: Attach and Remove As Many Times As You Wish!
Colors Don't Fade
Safe: No Pvc or Chemicals; Bio Degradable; non-toxic
Suitable for Almost Any Surface
Attention: they don't stick on the New Paint That Contain Teflon!
Material: Polyester Fabric
Made in Australia