Connectix - Magnetic cards 120pz pastel

Connectix magnetic cards are translucent cards of different colors, shapes and sizes that have magnets inside and which therefore allow the child to build different scenarios working on imagination.
New version with wonderful pastel colors!
The toys that allow the destructured game not only help to develop the imagination and creativity of a child, but also grow with the child. As children learn and develop, their game becomes more advanced. A simple ball run designed by a smaller child could turn into a complicated creation that involves more detailed engineering work for a older child.
Since the translucent cards are useful for sensory stimulation.
The magnets are welded to ultrasound inside with rivets and not simply glued. This makes them safer than other versions.
ABA non -toxic plastic does not contain phthalates or bpa.
Suitable for 3 years.
Includes 120 pieces: 8 x large squares, 48 ​​x squares, 16 x triangles equilaterals, 16 x triangles at right angle, 16 x isoscel triangles, 8 square pieces for windows, 8 x empty square pieces (doors frames), 1 booklet of the Ideas.