Love Mae - Safari mini wall sticker
Love Mae - Safari mini wall sticker
Love Mae - Safari mini wall sticker
Love Mae - Safari mini wall sticker

Love Mae - Safari mini wall sticker

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Beautiful, sweet and safe for us and for the environment: everyone really likes the Mini Fabric Stickers of the Australian brand Love Mae!
Unleash your imagination and go wild decorating whatever comes to mind! Perfect for your laptop, car, diary, but also on the wall, mobile phone or any other surface! They attach and detach easily as many times as you want and without leaving a trace. Also perfect for those who constantly change their minds!
Instead of vinyl, these stickers are made of fabric and contain a water-based adhesive: they are therefore very resistant, completely PVC-free, biodegradable and non-toxic.
With your Safari theme, the animals of the savannah and the green of the plants, this set of mini stickers will brighten your days and add a touch of sweetness to your everyday objects!
Why we like it:
They are a great gift idea for both adults and children!
Love Mae stickers are made of fabric and contain a water-based glue: they are chemical-free, resistant, non-toxic and completely safe for you and the environment!
They stick and detach over and over again and without damaging!
Love Mae is an Australian brand attentive to product quality but also to the environment and sustainability!
These adhesives do not damage the surfaces:
Being made of cloth and with a water-based adhesive, these stickers are reusable and can be removed and reapplied many times. Just place them on their sheet (or, if you haven't kept it, on a sheet of shiny baking paper) and then stick them on the new surface. They leave no traces.
The stickers do not stick on walls with air bubbles or whose paints are peeling. If unsure, try sticking on one sticker for about two weeks before sticking all the others.
Do not use chemicals or cleaning products on the stickers as they will damage them.
How to use them:
Simply remove the stickers from their sheet and stick them on your surface after cleaning it. Keep some scissors handy to cut any threads left on the edge of the stickers. That's all!
Fabric Mini Sticker
Design: Safari
Includes: turtle, 2 birds, crocodile, lion, zebra, hippo, some flowers and plants
Reusable: they attach and detach as many times as you want
They do not fade
Safe: free of PVC and chemicals; biodegradable; non-toxic
They stick on almost all surfaces
Size: 1 sheet of 16 x 23cm
Attention: they do not attack on paints containing Teflon
Material: polyester
Made in Australia

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