BIBS - Pack 2 Couture Pacifiers - Iron / Baby Blue
BIBS - Pack 2 Couture Pacifiers - Iron / Baby Blue
BIBS - Pack 2 Couture Pacifiers - Iron / Baby Blue
BIBS - Pack 2 Couture Pacifiers - Iron / Baby Blue

BIBS - Pack 2 Couture Pacifiers - Iron / Baby Blue

Cut it
Bibs Couture is the new pacifier with an innovative design approved by the most demanding testers: babies. Created by the Danish brand Bibs and Made in Denmark, it is a pacifier whose shape is designed to ensure the passage of air, so the skin around the baby's mouth remains dry, reducing the risk of irritation. The anatomically shaped teat is designed to support the development of the baby's jaw and minimize the pressure exerted on the teeth! The materials are all of quality: natural rubber teat, lightweight polypropylene mask, 100% free of BPA, PVC and phthalates, for a light, resistant and ultra safe pacifier! It is also beautiful: it has a very sweet butterfly design with a contemporary appeal and is available in a range of beautiful colors, all to be collected.
Product features:
• Set of two pacifiers
• Collection: Couture
• Materials: natural rubber latex teat; polypropylene mask
• Free from BPA, PVC or phthalates
• Mask with a modern butterfly design: allows the flow of air
• Anatomic teat
• Care: clean and sterilize the pacifier daily by immersing it in hot water. Do not microwave sterilize, do not use detergents and do not wash in the dishwasher: these methods ruin natural rubber. Do not boil over a lit fire. The rules for correct sterilization include boiling the water, turning off the heat, immersing the pacifiers in the saucepan and leaving them for about 5 minutes.
• Complies with the European Standard EN 1400 + A2
• Designed and manufactured in Denmark
• Ensures the passage of air and reduces the risk of irritation
• Resistant, lasts a long time
• Natural rubber is a sustainable material
• Fantastic Nordic design, combines functionality and aesthetic taste in the most current colors to collect!
• Bibs is a Danish brand that has been producing quality pacifiers with the best materials for over 30 years.
• Made in Denmark
It is advisable to replace the pacifier after 6 weeks of use, rubber, being a natural material, tends to expand and becomes sticky with use, losing its degree of hygiene.

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